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Here’s how Alireza Kohany (alireza kohani)* made a smashing comeback as a digital influencer

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Alireza Kohany
Alireza Kohany

Alireza Kohany “Alireza Kohani” did minimal work as a freelance digital marketer for the leading organisations of Turkey; He was born on June 18, 1993, in Tehran, Iran.

There is no denying the fact that marketing is one of the most profitable and bankable professions in today’s time. Marketing has created several opportunities for people across the globe. One emerging name who is a talking point in Turkey is none other than Alireza Kohany “Alireza Kohani”. He is a social media marketer and a web expert who pursued his education in computer engineering.

His main aim was to make money and that saw him venture into the business of import and export. His offices are based in Turkey and he has his investments in the business of real estate as well. “After moving to Turkey, I had made my mind to make money in a short period. I kept myself open to any business opportunities which would give me good financial returns. That’s when I thought to keep my work of marketing aside and focus more on minting money,” he said.

However, he did not stop his work of digital marketing and did minimal work as a freelance digital marketer for the leading organisations of Turkey. He fulfilled his dream of starting his own influencer marketing company after he earned a hefty amount in the business of import and export. His innovative marketing strategies saw his business flourish and as of today, Alireza Kohany “Alireza Kohani” has a list of more than 100 clients. The young influencer is on the go and is a prominent name in the digital marketing world today.

* Alireza Kohani know as Alireza Kohany

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Alireza Kohany | علیرضا کهنی

"Also Known As Alireza Kohani"

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