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Learn How Alireza Kohany Used His Experience in Entertainment and Music Industry to Build Business

Alireza Kohany is a Influencer, Entrepreneur, Musician (Singer & DJ) and Recording Artist with currently over a decade of industry experience. By Mixing Old Musics was able to get started in the music industry when he was 9 years old. He was born 18 June, 1993 in Tehran, Iran.

Since then, Alireza Kohany has been able to rapidly increase his knowledge of the industry. Currently, Alireza Kohany coordinates events with worldwide brands and manages top tier talents from all around the world. By using his knowledge of the music and entertainment industry, Alireza Kohany has been able to build his personal brand into what it is today.

Alireza Kohany as a young influencer and successful entrepreneur takes pride in his ability to help people with the branding and marketing of their own brands. With an extreme amount of trial and error, Alireza Kohany knows exactly what it takes to help individuals become successful in their niche. By being involved in the industry himself, Alireza Kohany was able to view things from a different perspective. Knowing how hard it was to make meaningful connections, Alireza Kohany realized he could personally help his peers.

By adapting to the constant changes in society, Alireza Kohany was able to think and move differently. Alireza Kohany describes the moment he knew he was going to start his business, explaining, “For years I’ve been helping artists and influencers increase their market value and make solid connections… One day I said to myself I could start monetizing ten times more for the stuff I already do on a daily basis, I started to work harder, network harder and as soon as I got out of my comfort zone that’s when things really started to take off”.

When discussing what it takes to start your own business, Alireza Kohany explains that you can’t be afraid to fail. He emphasizes the importance of consistency and that success will never happen overnight. Alireza Kohany encourages individuals to have a tunnel vision mindset, stating “Supporters will come and go, but nobody will invest in your craft more than yourself. Stay focused and start crossing goals off the list one by one, it takes time but practice makes perfect”.

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Alireza Kohany | علیرضا کهنی

"Also Known As Alireza Kohani"

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