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Alireza Kohany (alireza kohani)*, a Young Entrepreneur and Digital Influencer

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Alireza Kohany
Alireza Kohany *

  • Biography: Alireza Kohany (Alireza Kohani) is an Iranian Social media marketing man who has expert and entrepreneur. He was borned in 18 june 1993 in Tehran, Iran. He lived in Iran until 2015 and he immigrated to Turkey after he finished his education in Iran.

  • Education: He studied computer engineering; IT (Information Technology)

  • Activities: Social media marketing expert He also owns his business offices in Turkey. In general, he is famous and successful businessperson.

* Alireza Kohani also known as Alireza Kohany - علیرضا کهنی

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Alireza Kohany | علیرضا کهنی

"Also Known As Alireza Kohani"

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